Why We Need to Create Successful Communities

Successful Communities

There is a present day move to influence our political situation by getting involved in created successful communities. Political viability should not be sustained by who we elect to the office of president. True community success starts from the grassroots up. It is birthed through the efforts of people like you and I. . . . → Read More: Why We Need to Create Successful Communities

Building Success Through Networking


Story: Joe Fremont is at the forefront of the networking movement. Joe Fremont’s life story brings tears to those who hear him speak. While his demeanor is one of confidence, fulfillment, and abundance, his experiences would have crippled a weaker person. When he was ten years old he was sexually abused by an alcoholic . . . → Read More: Building Success Through Networking

Six Golden Rules for a Success Filled Life\\

a-success filled life

Do you want a success filled life? Who doesn’t? We all desire happiness, fulfillment, and success.

Take heed of the following six golden rules for a Success filled life.

Number One: Live as though you are a part of everyone. What hurts one, hurts all. What helps one, helps all. Strive to . . . → Read More: Six Golden Rules for a Success Filled Life

Optimism: The Great Healer


So what is optimism? How often have we heard, look on the bright side? I think that optimism is widely misunderstood. It does not involve a Pollyanna attitude of always feeling upbeat and cheerful. Optimism is not characterized by a constant state of happiness. And optimism is not characterized by the total absence of . . . → Read More: Optimism: The Great Healer

Finding Peace: Solving Challenges With Plans

Solving-challenges-with-plans: Finding peace

I recently have faced several challenges. My typical response to challenges has been to panic. I have found this to be counterproductive. Finding peace in the midst of challenges becomes a multifaceted endeavor. I’ve come up with a list of ten ways to find peace when faced with a problem. The problem . . . → Read More: Finding Peace: Solving Challenges With Plans

Self appreciation





So often, low self esteem is a partner to depression. This morning, our spiritual director asked each one of us to list everything we like about ourselves. Ten years ago, I would have been challenged to have come up with such a list. It’s much easier now. Self appreciation is so . . . → Read More: Self appreciation: An Antidote to Depression