Stress to Success


We all experience stress. It’s everywhere. All one has to do is open up the computer to invite stress into your life. Technology is wonderful but it can be a source of frustration. The secret to maintaining happiness is to learn how to handle disappointments, stress, and challenges. So how does one accomplish . . . → Read More: Stress to Success

Our Children's Future: What Does it Look Like?

Our Children’s Future: What Does it Look Like?

How can we impact our world so our children’s future is productive and happy?

I’ve just started a job teaching preschoolers the wonders of piano lessons using Irina Gorin’s Tales of a Musical Journey.

Three youngsters are currently enrolled. In the process of asking them what makes . . . → Read More: Our Children’s Future: What Does It Future Look Like?

Are Your Children Driving You Crazy?

Are Your Children Causing Craziness?

Sometimes children are causing craziness.

I have taught hundreds of children over the last forty plus years, I know just a tiny bit about the way their minds work. Their lives and ours will be a whole lot easier if we can crawl around in their shoes, get into their . . . → Read More: Are Your Children Driving You Crazy?

post partum depression



At the age of thirteen, I gleefully announced to my mother and my aunt that I wanted thirteen children. I didn’t know about post-partum depression. Both my mother and my aunt nearly fainted. My mother made a comment about not wanting to baby sit. Already in love with music, I wanted a baker’s . . . → Read More: Post Partum Depression: The Down Side of Pregnancy