Building Your Happiness Quotient


Build a happiness hedge to address your problems. Maladaptive behaviors often come as reactions to life stressors. I recently had an interesting conversation with someone who has a problem with addiction to alcohol. He had several major challenges hit him in 2007. Both of his parents died within three weeks of each other. He . . . → Read More: Building Your Happiness Quotient

Building A Successful Life

successful life

Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem with burnt stones. Build a successful life by rebuilding your burnt stones.

All of us have been hurt. Everyone has experienced rejection, pain, or emotional distress. To build successful lives, we need to heal those burnt stones.

Picture this: A young woman, thirty years of age, goes to visit her . . . → Read More: Building A Successful Life

Stress to Success


We all experience stress. It’s everywhere. All one has to do is open up the computer to invite stress into your life. Technology is wonderful but it can be a source of frustration. The secret to maintaining happiness is to learn how to handle disappointments, stress, and challenges. So how does one accomplish . . . → Read More: Stress to Success

Building Your Joy List: Maintaining Happiness

Joy List:

Life has enough complications. Building a joy list is one sure way to overcome them. One of the best depression remedies is building your joy list. We all face times of trials and tribulations. Anyone who thinks that we can get through life without any hurdles is living a life of delusion. The . . . → Read More: Building Your Joy List: Maintaining Happiness

The Power of Prayer



I grew up in a prayer centered family. Every aspect of family life remained colored by supplication to God. We prayed before meals, at bedtime, on Sundays, and many times in between. Family behavior did not always line up with our spiritual beliefs. Previously described alcoholism, verbal abuse, and one or two . . . → Read More: The Power of Prayer

The Transformative Power of Prayer: The Church is Our Washing Machine

The Transformative Power of Prayer

Many years ago, I had one of the most spiritual dreams possible. I thought I had to clean up my act in order to invite Jesus and the power of prayer into my life. I was sitting in my house feeling the utmost of despair because it was so dirty. . . . → Read More: The Transformative Power of Prayer: Our Place of Worship is Our Washing Machine

Preventing Panic Attacks

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are so bothersome! Who needs panic attacks? Who wants panic attacks? Who would like to get rid of panic attacks? The answer to question one is no one. The answer to question two is no one. The answer to question three is everyone!


I travel to the homes of several . . . → Read More: Preventing Panic Attacks

How Does One Break the Cycle of Stress in Ten Easy Steps?

Stress Busters

Stress busters can certainly come in handy when one is feeling like crawling up the wall.

Yesterday, I was working on overload, which I seem to be doing a lot of these days. To make a long story short, the printer broke down, I couldn’t get business cards printed out, and I . . . → Read More: Ten Easy Stress Busters

Technology Can Be A Cause Of Stress

Cause Of Stress : Technology

I was listening to NPR one day on my way to one of my nursing homes. Apparently, there has been a rise in admissions to stress units due to increased technology. This I can believe. Based on my experience one day this past week, I think that this idea is . . . → Read More: Technology Can Be A Cause Of Stress

Sought Through Prayer And Meditation To Establish Contact With God, As We Undstood Him, And For His Will For Us And The Means For Carrying That Out


Prayer And Meditation

Maintaining a conscious contact with God is a daily pursuit. We cannot grow in a relationship with Him without daily prayer and meditation, and continued contact with those who are spiritually minded. Prayer and meditation are a part of this pursuit.

My daily pursuit includes: 1. Nightly prayer and meditation 2. . . . → Read More: Sought Through Prayer And Meditation To Establish Contact With God