Do You Want Success? Successful People Strive to Help Others

help others

Story: How can we help others? During the depression, one community in North America was having a particularly difficult time. How were they going to feed their families? Where would their next meal come from? How would they survive? The bartering system is a great way to reach out and help. Consider the . . . → Read More: Do You Want Success? Successful People Strive to Help Others

Building a Life of Purpose



Story: The Pig and the Panther: How the Panther saw his purpose.

The pig set about one morning to search for food. As he ventured forth, the panther began to follow him. Intending at first to eat him, he continued to stalk. Then he noticed what the pig was doing. He saw the . . . → Read More: Building a Life of Purpose

Depression and Obesity

Depression and obesity

Is there a link between depression and obesity?


Depression and weight issues can go hand in hand. I gained weight in my teens, blossoming to a full two hundred pounds. When I was in my forties, I became anorexic and shrank to ninety five pounds. This is what the experts say.

. . . → Read More: Depression and Obesity

What Can We learn From Our Children?

Lessons Learned From Children


Does depression or anxiety or psychosis exist in preschool children? Some mental health professionals say that the most serious mental illnesses do not appear until the teen years. Certainly depression and anxiety may persist in adults as they ponder whether or not their children are safe in today’s world after . . . → Read More: Lessons Learned From Children

Grandparents: God's Gifts to Children


Grandparents are an important part of the extended family.

People watching is a favorite activity of mine. Doing my Christmas shopping at Kirkwood Missouri’s Target gave me the perfect opportunity to do this. A “sociological” study of parents vs. grandparents became a topic of interest.

Parents typically looked stressed and preoccupied while looking . . . → Read More: Grandparents: God’s Gifts to Children

Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts:Building A Happy Life

From Negative to Positive thoughts

We are all bombarded by negative thoughts. One only has to listen to or read the news to be subjected to negativity. So how do we guard our minds and shift from sad to happy, from depressed to joyful, or from negative to positive thoughts? The following suggestions may help.

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Building Healthy Families and Communitites



Building Healthy Families and Communities.

Counselors, educators, ministers, and anyone else who has a vested interest in helping others must sometimes cry out in pain when confronted with the challenges facing those who come to them for direction.

Why do an estimated seventeen percent of middle school and high school students dabble in . . . → Read More: Building Healthy Communities, Healthy Individuals, and Healthy Families

Mental Health Counselors: Your Impact on Your Clients

Mental health counselors

Sometimes life throws us curved balls and challenges. Mental health counselors can create a positive impact on their clients and steer them into a happier, more productive life.

Such changes can be implemented with the use of several types of therapy including behavioal therapy, cognitive therapy, and interpersonal therapy.

Behavioral therapy

The . . . → Read More: Mental Health Counselors: Your Impact on Your Clients

Reduce Depression: Raise Vibrant Teenagers;



.Typically teenagers experience incredible physical, mental, and spiritual development. Establishing healthy teen habits sets the stage for a successful adult life. Parents, you can help your teenagers forge through the tempest of adolescence by implementing ten strategies. Don’t restrict it to ten. Feel free to add your own insights and ideas. Teenagers need . . . → Read More: Reduce Depression: Raise Vibrant Teenagers;

Reduce Depression: Become a New Vibrant Woman


Reduce Depression

Women are particularly subject to depression. The question is, how can women reduce depression? Women have been socialized to “have it all.” The traditional June Beaver family of the fifties disappeared with the appearance of Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique.” The center of my mother’s life was her family and the necessary . . . → Read More: Reduce Depression: Become a New Vibrant Woman