Ten Secrets to Attaining Success



So much information is out there about visualizing and achieving success. In Religious Science of Mind, we have a saying: Treat and move your feet. In a word, pray and see success then move heaven and earth in the way of action to bring it about. So what are the secrets behind achieving . . . → Read More: Ten Secrets to Attaining Success: On Becoming Successful

Sought Through Prayer And Meditation To Establish Contact With God, As We Undstood Him, And For His Will For Us And The Means For Carrying That Out


Prayer And Meditation

Maintaining a conscious contact with God is a daily pursuit. We cannot grow in a relationship with Him without daily prayer and meditation, and continued contact with those who are spiritually minded. Prayer and meditation are a part of this pursuit.

My daily pursuit includes: 1. Nightly prayer and meditation 2. . . . → Read More: Sought Through Prayer And Meditation To Establish Contact With God

Moderation in all things


Growing up in an alcoholic environment, I learned lack of moderation at an early age. For many years, I focused on my father’s dysfunction and I became just like him, only in a different way. He drank to excess, I ate to excess; He had periods of complete abstinence, I suffered from anorexia for . . . → Read More: Moderation in all things