Alcoholism Tears Families Apart

alcoholism-tears families-apart

Alcoholism tears many families apart. You may be experiencing the same type of trauma I grew up with. It’s my wish to transcend pain to promise by extending hope to others. I’m addressing three issues in this article.

I will tell a part of my family story I will talk about unhealthy responses . . . → Read More: Alcoholism Tears Families Apart

What is Chronic Depression?



Recover through the use of a strength building model and a happiness model. Chronic depression is described as depression that lasts for anywhere from two weeks to six months.

All of us feel sad from time to time. This is just a part of the human experience. Periodic depression is characterized by sadness . . . → Read More: What is Chronic Depression? Is Recovery Possible?

Nine Symptoms of Depression


According to Mayo Clinic, the following are symptoms of depression * reduced sex drive: libido is not as strong as it once was and interest in sex declines.

* frustration over simple things: Normal everyday occurrences that were once menial now become irritating. Emotional triggers that were once minor now become major. * sadness . . . → Read More: Nine Symptoms of Depression

Reframing circumstances with service



Many thanks to Reverend Ron Tucker of Grace World Church in Maryland Heights, Missouri, for this morning’s talk. He talked about joyful service.

His message rang true with me since I’ve been an inveterate worrier almost all of my life. I have a doctoral degree in the fine art of anxiety. Joyful service . . . → Read More: Worshiping God With Joyful Service