Why We Need to Create Successful Communities

Successful Communities

There is a present day move to influence our political situation by getting involved in created successful communities. Political viability should not be sustained by who we elect to the office of president. True community success starts from the grassroots up. It is birthed through the efforts of people like you and I. . . . → Read More: Why We Need to Create Successful Communities

Making Peace With Change

Making Peace With Change

We’ve all been witness t o pivotal change this past week. The Supreme Court decision on gay marriage has ricocheted across the nation, causing both jubilation and distress. Change made its way into our culture, our religious beliefs, and the legal definition of marriage.

One can hardly turn on the radio . . . → Read More: Making Peace With Change

Feeding Your Soul: Finding Your Success


Feeding Your Soul: I believe that personal growth emanates from the inside out. Feeding your soul positive information is critical.

This can be a dual process since our inner life is profoundly influenced by input from out outer life. Every thought, everything that we read, every television program, and everything that we put into . . . → Read More: Feeding Your Soul: Finding Your Success