Planting the Seeds of Success

Seeds of Success:

We sow the seeds of success with what we say and think. The Bible speaks of eight thousand seeds of success. What does this mean? Think about it for a moment. When we sow carrot seeds, we get carrots. When we plant apple seeds we, get apple trees. When we plant . . . → Read More: Planting the Seeds of Success

Building Your Happiness Quotient


Build a happiness hedge to address your problems. Maladaptive behaviors often come as reactions to life stressors. I recently had an interesting conversation with someone who has a problem with addiction to alcohol. He had several major challenges hit him in 2007. Both of his parents died within three weeks of each other. He . . . → Read More: Building Your Happiness Quotient

Success and Meditation:Meditation: The Gift of Silence


Meditation is my key word this year. Every January, I start the new year with a set of resolutions. Number one resolution is to incorporate meditation into my daily routine. Meditation does not necessarily involve sitting cross-legged in the same position for a set time daily. I have a routine based on the work . . . → Read More: Success and Meditation:Meditation:

Six Golden Rules for a Success Filled Life\\

a-success filled life

Do you want a success filled life? Who doesn’t? We all desire happiness, fulfillment, and success.

Take heed of the following six golden rules for a Success filled life.

Number One: Live as though you are a part of everyone. What hurts one, hurts all. What helps one, helps all. Strive to . . . → Read More: Six Golden Rules for a Success Filled Life

Trauma to Recovery: Happiness, Reslience and Recovery

Trauma to Recovery:

How can you move from trauma to recovery?

I was listening to NPR today while driving back home and heard a wonderful Ted talk about resilience, recovery, and lifetime baselines.

Happiness, resilience, and recovery are built into our genetic code. In utero, everyone of us are imprinted with an enormous capacity to . . . → Read More: Trauma to Recovery: Coping with Happiness, Resilience, and Faith

Does forgiveness Relieve Depression and Anxiety?



Can forgiveness lessen depression and anxiety?


The Gift of Forgiveness:

The Christmas season is over. The tree has been taken down; the crèche takes up its annual residence in the basement; and the ornaments are back in the box. But the ability to give to oneself and to others remains. Children . . . → Read More: Does Forgiveness Relieve Depression and Anxiety?

Becoming Spiritually Empowered



The thesaurus lists nineteen synonyms for the word “empowered:” accredit, allow, capacitate, charge, commission, delegate, entitle, entrust, grant, invest, legitimize, license, okay, permit, privilege, qualify, sanction, vest, and warrant. So how does one become spiritually empowered?

So often victimization, especially when it happens early in life, steals the ability to come across with . . . → Read More: Becoming Spiritually Empowered: Stop Being a Victim