Why Feel Hopeless? Embrace Possibilities

Embrace Possibilities:

Learn to overcome challenges by learning how to embrace possibilities. I was diagnosed with spasmodic vocal dysphonia in May of this year. My voice was rapidly becoming more and more difficult to manage. After consulting with an ear, nose, and throat specialist, I decided to get a botox shot, which is the standard . . . → Read More: Why Feel Hopeless? Embrace Possibilities

Six Tickets to Success


Tickets to Success

Who doesn’t want to be successful? Follow each ticket to success and enjoy happiness, fulfillment, and joy.

Ticket to Success Number One: Think Big and think outside the box. Learn to be inventive in your approach to life’s challenges. Where would we be if the Wright brothers, . . . → Read More: Ticket to Success

Ten Things Successful people Do

Successful People:

There are ten things that successful people do:

Successful people learn the value of delayed gratification. Success does not come quickly. It’s often a long and arduous road. Bill Gates and his business partner used to spend four to five hours each day experimenting with computers. Success comes with a price and with . . . → Read More: Ten Things Successful people Do

Organic Baby Foods: Creative Ideas

Organic Baby Foods: Creative Ideas

Successful entrepreneurs often search for creative ideas that meet their needs and those of the general public. Thomas Edison capitalized on the need for light. Jonas Salk sought to eliminate polio. And Alexander Graham Bell created technology that would foster more wide spread communication.

New moms Liane Weintraaub and Shannon . . . → Read More: Organic Baby Foods: Creative Ideas

Build Success: Be a Dream Maker

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I’m developing a dual identity of depression survivor and success builder. There’s an old saying. “Kill two birds with one stone.” Being a dream maker accomplishes both beating depression and developing success. In his famous speech, Dr. Martin Luther King proclaimed “I have a dream.” He was a dream maker.

Our . . . → Read More: Build Success: Be a Dream Maker

Finding Peace: Solving Challenges With Plans

Solving-challenges-with-plans: Finding peace

I recently have faced several challenges. My typical response to challenges has been to panic. I have found this to be counterproductive. Finding peace in the midst of challenges becomes a multifaceted endeavor. I’ve come up with a list of ten ways to find peace when faced with a problem. The problem . . . → Read More: Finding Peace: Solving Challenges With Plans

Circumventing Obstacles


Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

I’ve often wondered if obstacles are stepping stones to success. No one is ever guaranteed instant gratification. It usually comes as the result of persistence, talent, and hard work. Truthfully, most major projects are accomplished by working around challenges and obstacles. This is about turning obstacles into opportunities.


When . . . → Read More: Are Obstacles Opportunities for Success?

Ten Secrets to Attaining Success



So much information is out there about visualizing and achieving success. In Religious Science of Mind, we have a saying: Treat and move your feet. In a word, pray and see success then move heaven and earth in the way of action to bring it about. So what are the secrets behind achieving . . . → Read More: Ten Secrets to Attaining Success: On Becoming Successful