From Chaos to Order: Ten Ways to Organize Your Life



In these times of uncertainty, sometimes just a few simple tricks designed to bring order can mark the difference between sanity and utter confusion. The following suggestions may ease tensions and bring chaos to order.

1.  Clean something for fifteen minutes a day. This goes beyond standard housekeeping such as laundry or dishes. Make a commitment to straighten something up, polish some furniture, or take out the trash. Just fifteen minutes can create a great deal of order. Maybe the basement needs cleaning; perhaps the book shelf is getting overloaded; or maybe the stove needs to be cleaned. Just be sure that something gets scrubbed daily. This will bring chaos to order.

2.  Remove at least one unwanted item each day. Closets can become cluttered, drawers can be a disaster area, and cabinets may collapse under the pressure of unwanted items. Taking out one useless item each day can go a long way in the process of creating order. Reduce anxiety by reducing clutter; create peace by creating space; Bring chaos to order by manifesting cleanliness.

3.  Check your calendar daily. I know this from a vast amount of personal experience. Missed appointments are so stressful! Make sure that each and every comittment is made in a timely manner. This will ensure chaos to order.

4.  Plan your menus a week in advance. Not knowing what will go on the table from meal to meal creates havoc. Knowing brings chaos to order.

5.  Do grocery shopping twice a month. Not only does this save on gas, it also saves on time spent traveling that can be spent on other endeavors. I know a few people who shop once a month. This is probably a better plan.

6.  Keep a regular account of all expenses. Financial stresses are so real. Having an account of every penny saves an enormous amount of worry over money. This moves chaos to order.

7.   Make a commitment to remain clutter free. If it hasn’t been used in six months, pitch it. This goes hand in hand with number two. This makes sense healthwise as well. Reduced clutter means less allergy producing surfaces in your home, less dust, and less in home polution.

8.   Have a set time each day set aside to meditate. Find a quiet spot and use it daily to get in touch with your plans, goals, and aspirations. Finding a quiet time brings chaos to order.

9.   Take at least one day off each week. The old saying, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is so true. We all need a day to recuperate.

10.  Plan on regular vacations. Take off a week or two each year and just have fun. Vacationing brings chaos to order.

Dear readers, I would appreciate your input. I’d love to write more, but I have to quit and do my fifteen minutes of cleaning.

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